The Authority Lead Machine

How To Create Consistent Leads Through Proactive Partnerships...

Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures have always been a great source of business. Getting traction and having a consistent flow of leads can be challenging. Especially when the partnership is based on loose promises and has no structure.

A successful strategic alliance system will make sure you get great partners that are enthusiastic and want to work with you in achieving results. That’s where The Authority Lead Machine kicks in.

This program uses proven methods for engaging partners by creating tangible strategies that will motivate your partners to proactively generate leads for you.

We have evolved this program over the last 8 years with one principle in mind. 

Referrals are THE best source of new business!

And there is no better lead source than a complimentary business that serves the same market as you.

But, building your strategic alliance strategy is fraught with danger. There are 5 key elements that will make sure you get at least 5 to 10 times ROI...

  • Finding and engaging with the right partners
  • Giving them a compelling reason to partner with you
  • Rolling out an engagement process that gets fast results
  • Delivering a message that builds trust and authority
  • Ensuring a solid return on investment

This is where The Authority Lead Machine ™ come into the picture...

Why live streaming for leads works?

Running webinars in not new, but running effective lead generating events using livestream is a lucrative marketing channel.

That's because business owners are becoming more aware of how they use their limited time. Getting a busy persons attention is getting increasingly difficult. Live streaming is a highly leveraged and efficient way of cutting through the noise and getting their attention.

Outcomes Business Group has developed a tested and repeatable system for delivering these events and getting great results.

The Authority Lead Machine ™ livestream uses a combination of personal contact, education and an engaging presentation style to get great interaction from the audience, leaving your prospects excited to meet you and understand how you can help them.

The way it works is simple…

Collaborate. We get 3 partners to collaborate and provide a powerful, highly targeted message.

Promote. We create a compelling, benefit driven campaign. A registration process and landing page is created to promote the event.

Concierge. We then use a concierge service to personally guide and help you deliver an awesome event.

Present. We help craft a concise, targeted 20 minute presentation with each presenter to establish engagement, authority and build trust. 




The Return On Investment (ROI) of your Lead Generation needs to be measured by the number of leads and clients you get, so we make sure every registrant is contacted. The results are tabulated and given to you within 48 hours

Followup. The concierge team then follow up all registrants and identify opportunities for further contact.

Convert. You will be presented with a list of highly qualified and motivated prospects ready to talk to you about your service.

Our goal is to make sure you get a positive ROI 

What you’ll get...

  • We will help you prepare your message and identify the right partners
  • We will help you engage them and get commitment to work together on your first event.
  • We will run your event with you, providing all the logistics, content creation and marketing support.

To secure your position and get proactive in your quest for new customers, all you need to do is...

  • Be prepared to invest 6 hours over 6 weeks.
  • Apply now.

Talk soon!

David Guest


Outcomes Business Group

David Guest


Outcomes Business Group

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